Sunday Morning ‘Sweat Your Prayers’ 5Rhythms dances are a family friendly class offered twice a month either by David and Meredith from Moving Essence or myself Madhuma Thompson from Real Rhythms.

One ‘Sweat’ per month will be at the Abbotsford Convent and the other will be at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, Kew.

Class times 10:30am – 12:30pm

Cost $15.

Stay tuned for 2018 schedule and updates!

  Abbotsford Convent Royal Talbot Hospital*
JANUARY 22nd David & Meredith  
FEBRUARY 5th Madhuma 19th David & Meredith
MARCH 5th  David & Meredith 19th  Madhuma
APRIL 2nd  David & Meredith  – 16th Madhuma
MAY 7th  David & Meredith 14th  Madhuma
JUNE 4th  Madhuma 25th  David & Meredith
JULY 2nd  David & Meredith 23rd  David & Meredith
AUGUST 6th  David & Meredith 20th Madhuma
SEPTEMBER 3rd Madhuma 17th David & Meredith
OCTOBER 8th Madhuma 15th  David & Meredith
NOVEMBER 5th David & Meredith 19th David & Meredith
DECEMBER 3rd Madhuma 17th David & Meredith

* Royal Talbot Hospital – Basketball court.

1 Yarra Boulevard, Kew

Go to Parking Lot #2 and follow signs to Basketball court.

Sweat Your Prayers® is a music-only, un-facilitated 5Rhythms session where you can dance to your heart’s content. It helps to have been to a 5Rhythms class before but is not essential. Newcomers are always welcome and children supervised by their parents.

The Abbotsford Convent is a charismatic historic venue, with plenty of eating venues and picnic spots among the Convent grounds. The Royal Talbot is on the Main Yarra Trail, close to Fairfield Park and Yarra Bend Park with many lovely picnic areas, and also near to Northcote cafes.

Royal Talbot Hall

Royal Talbot Basketball Court.

 “Dance alone to discover who you are. Dance with others to discover who you are with.

Dance in a group to discover your place.”  Gabrielle Roth

One thought on “SUNDAYS

  • January 7, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I love these Sundays: the precious chance to dance in surrender to the flow of energy through my body, following wherever it chooses to take me. It is so rare to find a place where anything goes and people are there in support of themselves and each other as we dig deep to mine the treasures that lie within us and between us.
    Thank you Madhuma


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